Why It Matters – The May 24th Show

Why It Matters – The May 24th Show

Primary Day: America, Not Trump, On the Ballot


Uniparty trying to set up Kemp victory in GA GOP primary as proof Trump has lost influence

…assumes Trump-endorsed David Perdue cannot force a runoff

Uniparty sickness is to mistake American groundswell for MAGA as cultish loyalty to Trump

  • Trump’s endorsement record is phenomenal, but it does not reflect blind voter loyalty to Trump
  • Trump has been effective (mostly) in identifying candidates with the sprit of MAGA

Vast majority of Americans love their country and never voted to give it up

Uniparty is arrogant, defiant and out of touch…dependent on election rigging to stay in power

The American people are rising…whether Kemp wins or is forced into a runoff,

Americans are fed up with the ruling class and with election rigging…

Americans are the Sleeping Giant that will not be denied


State Farm Joins Trans Grooming Club & Then U-Turns


Corporate ‘C-Suites’ in America filled with secular elites…State Farm just the latest example

Secular elites crave conformity to the trendy intellectual consensus

  • Embracing LGBTetc agenda is seen by secularists as inclusive and compassionate

The American people remain tethered to their Judeo-Christian faith for what is right and true

  • State Farm policyholders comprised of a lot more ‘we the people’ than secular elites

RESULT:  State Farm policyholder uproar causes immediate reversal of corporate directive pushing LGBTetc education on children

The American people win when they rise and push back against secularism


Overthrowing The Marxists:

TX School Boards withdraw from NSBA


Attempts of Biden DOJ to label concerned parents as domestic terrorists has BACKFIRED

  • NSBA wildly out of touch…contemplating use of US military to control school board mtgs

Texas school boards dropping out of NSBA is a powerful signal…

…awakened parents are not going back to sleep any time soon

Parents will not be bullied when it comes to the education of their children

The American people win when they rise and resist secular authoritarianism


Parents Fighting Back-It’s working!


School board activism is NOT waning nationally; it is expanding and increasing in intensity

“Who’s Children Are They?” and other films have been a powerful wakeup call

Indoctrination is not education

Real education must be grounded in respect for and pursuit of truth

American parents win when they rise and defend their rights as parents