Why It Matters – The May 25th Show

Why It Matters – The May 25th Show

Texas Shooting Nightmare: Ask the Right Questions


Unfathomable evil in Uvalde, Texas

  • Biden’s partisan talking point response pathetically predictable
  • Americans are exhausted and demoralized by these acts of depravity in their midst

…which is a goal of Marxists in taking down America

  • Durham exposing top DOJ/FBI officials as willing liars in support of favored political narratives

Imperative:  transparent, complete investigation, with no regard to political narratives, but with results of investigation shared publicly

  • Shooter plainly mentally ill…since when? How many knew? What treatment, if any?
  • Shooter had expensive equipment with no obvious source of money to pay for it…????
    • Did anyone facilitate this shooting in any way…logistically? as a buyer?
  • What websites did the shooter frequent? Porn?  When did he start moving toward violence?
  • What did school security do, and not do?

Americans are tired of narratives that do not provide solutions

Solutions can emerge from truthful answers to all questions


ACWT Calendar…and Changes Coming


Thursday, May 26 –

Lt. Col. Allen West, in studio

Week of May 31

Off to attend to personal relocation

Starting week of June 6 –

New studio(s)…same show

Thursday, June 9 –

Election fraud heroes Tina Peters and Sherronna Bishop, in brand new studio