Why It Matters – The May 25th Show

Why It Matters – The May 25th Show

Biden Team Admits Marxist Agenda


Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken issues memo—

  • Ordering US diplomatic facilities to fly the BLM flag May 25 and beyond
  • Ordering US diplomats to laud Biden orders supporting the LGBTQ agenda
  • Berating and denigrating American history as a history of racism (“dating back to [George] Zimmerman acquittal [in Trayvon Martin case]”
  • BLM founder on record in 2015 wanting to fight the police as a ‘terrorist organization’
  • BLM charter calls for destruction of the nuclear family, end of free market capitalism

The Biden Administration is fully embracing a Marxist view of America

There is no chance whatsoever that the American people voted for this

The American people must rise to save their country; the ruling class won’t do anything


Obsession with Race Aids & Abets Marxists


  • Rick Santorum cancelled by CNN for a speech remark suggesting Native American culture

did not significantly influence the new American culture

  • CRT advocates openly admit desire to ‘burn the US Constitution’
  • Leftists trying to unite BLM w/Asian-Americans in mass grievance against ‘white supremacy’

…yet Asian-Americans historically have NOT embraced victimhood…the ethic of hard work, excellence, and achievement has led to great success in America

The Marxist agenda/propaganda now sweeping America is not an accident

it is not the bubbling to the surface of long-suppressed angst and animosity…

it is the deliberate distortion and manipulation of the history of the American nation

intended to bring about the destruction of its Judeo-Christian foundation of freedom

Americans must rise to denounce these lies and preserve their country