Why It Matters – The May 26th Show

Why It Matters – The May 26th Show

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Pause to Reflect on Memorial Day

The American ideal of individual freedom and responsibility with unalienable God-given rights was and is revolutionary in human history

  • It has always been hated by those who desire to control others—i.e., by

aggressive atheism and those who seek to be ‘rulers of men’

  • Establishing and preserving American freedom has come at a huge price, paid for by the lives of thousands of American soldiers and other American heroes over 244+ years

America’s foundational freedom is hanging by a thread in May 2021

  • America’s military soldiers are being indoctrinated into hate for America
  • America’s swamp is cultivating and manipulating a docile and submissive people
  • American patriots are not falling for the indoctrination or manipulation

But they must step up and speak up as citizen-soldiers to preserve this country

Let’s hope Memorial Day 2021 will mark a return…

…to the direction of freedom for all Americans