Why It Matters – The May 26th Show

Why It Matters – The May 26th Show

Flynn Judge Emmet Sullivan Hires an Attorney


Emmet Sullivan has gone rogue in the Flynn case; he is playing a role that is

way out of bounds for a Judge

Sullivan is second-guessing prosecutorial judgments while brazenly ignoring

the evidentiary record of criminal wrongdoing by the Obama Administration

The Appellate Court has ORDERED Sullivan to explain himself or be removed from the case    …and he hires a high-powered DC criminal defense attorney to help him?

This is the federal judiciary in nation’s capitol in a condition of moral rot and lawlessness

Re-electing President Trump may be America’s last chance

to restore itself as a beacon of liberty under the rule of law


Why They Call It ObamaGate


The Russia Collusion Hoax was not an aberrant, one-off action by a rogue or single ‘bad-apple’ official, or even a tiny little group. It was part of an ongoing, long-term mission.

The orchestrated sabotage of a political opponent, and the orchestrated attempted coup against a duly elected President of the United States…in each case ‘orchestrated’ by

multiple top officials of the federal government in coordination with the MSM…

This is a sweeping away of the Constitution; it is the elimination of ‘we the people’ as the source of political power in the US in favor of a ruling elite that controls all levers of power; it is an attempt at a ‘fundamental transformation’ of America

That’s Why ObamaGate is a Huge Deal

That’s Why ObamaGate is Not Going Away


Biden’s Racial Reveal


“You Ain’t Black” if you don’t vote Democrat is quintessential group identity politics

This is the foundation of the Left, and it is profoundly insulting to individuals

Yet ‘Black Lives Matter’ complains only that Biden makes their job harder…

…as if their job is to make black Americans think alike

…still no questioning of blind loyalty to Democrat Party

The denial of an individual’s right to think for himself or herself is the ultimate

anti-American perspective….that’s why many black leaders ARE stepping up to denounce Biden irrespective of political party affiliation

The true end of racism still found in MLK’s formulation:

Content of (individual) character matters; not color of skin