Why It Matters – The May 27th Show

Why It Matters – The May 27th Show

Twitter Censors Trump


Twitter’s “Head of Site Integrity” is an open and proud ‘hate Trumper’; patrols content

Facebook’s “Oversight Board” stocked with leftists; patrols content

Twitter initiated its own ‘fact-check’ system on Trump’s tweets

Placing visible additions to tweets, disputing the veracity of what Trump says

First case: Disputing the election fraud potential of mail-in balloting

Evidence of fraud using mail-in balloting is overwhelming; it is NOT anecdotal

There is NO evidence of voter ID leading to voter disenfranchisement

Twitter and Facebook are devolving into brazen ‘Ministry of Truth’ propagandists

They are doing so willfully, aggressively, unapologetically

American patriots must realize: This is a WAR

Refuse to be manipulated; find news elsewhere


Central Park “Karen” Loves Obama


Central Park woman with her dog captured on video…

…goes full ‘Karen’ over demands by a stranger to comply with leash rules

…complains to police about the busybody, who happens to be a black man

The initial social media onslaught against the woman – “Racist!” “Trump supporter!”

Reality: Liberal Democrats are often the most racist, petulant, officious ‘call the cops’ intermeddlers in America

Reality, Part 2: The Central Park woman turned out to be an Obama voter; a donor to Obama and Pete Buttigieg; a proud liberal Democrat

Leftist narratives and the stereotypes they assign to American Patriots

   are baseless, false, and damaging to America…Don’t buy them, ever