Why It Matters – The May 2nd Show

Why It Matters – The May 2nd Show

Election Transparency & Mules


Dallas weekend panel with Lara Logan –

  • Packed with more proof of total corruption of election machines (Mesa CO: Rosetta Stone)

‘2000 Mules’ showing this week –

  • Even more proof of election fraud; irrefutable, beyond partisan dispute

There is no longer any basis whatsoever for trusting what any level of government says


  • But so far, NO level of government—city, county, state or federal—is opening everything up
  • Voting machine companies refuse to provide source code

A time of reckoning for the 2020 election is taking shape: 

What will the American people MAKE THEIR GOVT DO?


Ministry of Truth:  Boebert vs. Jankowicz


Congresswoman Lauren Boebert of Colorado, age 36, has stepped up with a bill to defund and terminate the “Disinformation Governance Board”

Boebert highlights the quandary of conservative American voters:  Who is leading?

  • Why wasn’t Kevin McCarthy leading this effort? Steve Scalise?  Mitch McConnell?
  • Why does it take a first-term, young woman to stand up for the First Amendment?

Boebert is exposing the ‘Uniparty’ – the DC ruling elites who don’t understand or don’t care how important freedom is to the American people; they look down on the common man

A reckoning is coming for GOP ‘leadership’: placeholders in power positions must step aside and bring in new leaders…or find the party dissolving


Meltdown Around Musk


CNN analyst apoplectic if CNN and other legacy media are no longer able to control the content of news and information

  • The epitome of arrogance and ignorance

The Founding Fathers knew exactly why a First Amendment was needed

  • Their understanding of freedom and what is necessary to preserve it TOWERS over the relative mental midgets in the talking head class

Elon Musk seems to have an intuitive grasp of the importance of freedom of speech

Dems who want to call him to testify to Congress do not know what they’re asking for

Musk will make Dems looks silly (He already has)


Food Shortage = Climate Alarmist Opportunity


20th fire or explosion or other attack hit a US food processing plant this weekend

  • This is not a coincidence; these are the actions of a wartime enemy

Yet Biden admin sees in these attacks a crisis that shouldn’t go to waste?

  • Samantha Power sees opportunity for greener farming methods?
  • And at the same time, Majorkas sees room for 500K illegals PER MONTH????

Nothing makes sense from the Biden administration; they are not serving America

Every action they take moves toward the destruction of this country

When will enough Americans wake up to stop it?