Why It Matters – The May 31st Show

Why It Matters – The May 31st Show

Political Persecution in America: J6 & More


No excuse any longer for DC prosecutors or DC judges…

  • J6 was NOT an insurrection, and everyone knows it
  • Feds were key to staging the event and whipping up emotion, and everyone knows it
  • Hands-off treatment of BLM rioters is indefensible…an unconscionable double standard

ØTime to stop the Stalinist railroading of innocent J6 protesters who did nothing wrong

ØTime to stand for truth, integrity, honesty and fairness in administration of justice

ØTime to uphold American standards of due process for J6 defendants and Lawfare victims


Conscience matters in America…follow it!


Deeper Point of Paxton Impeachment


Texas House has made itself the national poster child for the core conflict of this era:

ØA ‘ruling class’ that thinks it is better and wiser than American voters

…and therefore must control who wins elections


Texas statute explicitly bars impeachment of elected officials for actions prior to election

  • Precisely intended to let voters decide who they want in office
  • Candidate strengths and weaknesses debated by election campaigns, decided by voters
  • No elite group has the power to overrule voters on issues already debated and decided

TX House impeachment of AG Paxton is straight-up, in-your-face defiance of Texas statute

Texans are red—conservative and angry—because their elected reps condescend to them

Paxton impeachment may be a pivotal, ‘existential’ moment

for the GOP in Texas…and America


Biden’s Latest Ministry of Truth Tactic: GDI


Biden cabal insistent on treating all political opponents as terrorists…as threats to America

…it’s really war on traditional American values…pure Marxist revolution

‘Global Disinformation Index’ (GDI) is a govt tool for ‘tracking’ ‘riskiest’ purveyors of ‘disinformation’

…all of which turn out to be conservative publications that question cabal narratives

EXAMPLES–Reputable studies have recently shown:

  • The more vaccinated you are, the more likely you are to contract covid
  • Covid did NOT arise from nature

Did you know of these studies?   If not, why not?  This is govt censorship in action

None of Biden cabal behavior is normal; none of it is grounded in American ideals

It is an attempt to overthrow Constitutional America

Americans MUST awaken to it and MUST stop it


Taxpayer-Funded HATE in NYC


CUNY commencement speaker a proud, raving, viciously hateful anti-Semite

  • Reveling in the opportunity her classmates gave her to rail on Jews

CUNY is taxpayer-funded by New Yorkers

Is New York still capable of recognizing this poison?  Of denouncing it?

Speaker has the right to free speech…but audience has the right to be disgusted

…and taxpayers ought to have the right not to subsidize obviously bigoted opinion that has a known history of inciting violence

NYC Mayor Adams is at last re-thinking illegal immigration and sanctuary cities

Maybe he will also reawaken to the poison of anti-Semitism