Why It Matters – The May 3rd Show

Why It Matters – The May 3rd Show

2000 Mules: NO Doubt Remains


D’Souza’s documentary is ‘game over’ to the debate:

  • Election fraud changed the outcome of the 2020 election—Trump won, Biden lost

D’Souza’s documentary captures in video and with irrefutable data:

  • Election fraud in 2020 a product of organized crime…sophisticated, purposeful, evil

Very plausible that SCOTUS leak was timed to deflect attention from 2000 Mules

Harsh reality:  EVERYONE who is honest and informed knows that US election systems are fraudulent, rigged, untrustworthy…but the ruling class isn’t going to lift a finger to fix them

It’s up to the American people to save their country


Roe’s Future: SCOTUS Leak


Curious timing…a February draft opinion leaked on May 2

Clearly a nefarious tactic to trigger protests and unrest, and intimidate SCOTUS

  • Restore Dems’ 2022 election prospects with suburban women?
  • Defer 2022 elections due to protests?

May be a massive miscalculation by the left

  • America is not 50/50 on abortion…more like 70/30 pro-life
  • Americans jaded from being played…racist/anti-gay/anti-woman accusations ring hollow
  • Protests will look bought and paid for, not genuine

Reality:  Roe was never constitutionally sound, and overturning Roe would NOT ban abortion

Just moves abortion issues back to state legislatures…

            …where they should have been handled from the beginning


DURHAM Surrounding HRC


HRC very likely to be forced to turn over incriminating documents to a judge

  • The documents were NOT attorney-client privileged communications
  • They were about HRC campaign buying oppo research and planting the Russia collusion hoax

Durham’s court filings indicate essentially complete knowledge of the RICO-level actions of the HRC campaign and its consultants and advisors…only remaining questions are:

  • What charges will Durham actually bring?
  • Will he charge HRC? Marc Elias? Or stop at underlings?
  • Will he eventually bring charges against government officials who participated (or looked the other way)?
  • Will Merrick Garland shut Durham down?

The left KNOWS how explosive Durham’s actions could be…expect more distractions


BILLIONS to Ukraine & Disinformation WAR


Ukraine is NOT separate and distinct from–

  • Shut down of US energy sector; depletion of strategic petroleum reserves
  • Depletion of US military through vaccine mandates
  • Destruction of US middle class through covid policy
  • Open, overrun border
  • Spending at ‘funny money’ levels; runaway inflation
  • Supply chain problems; food shortages
  • CRT and trans indoctrination
  • Vaccine ‘safe and effective’ fraud

EVERYTHING the Biden admin is doing is against the interests of the American people

A deeply cynical, jaundiced eye is warranted on every aspect of Ukraine support