Why It Matters – The May 3rd Show

Why It Matters – The May 3rd Show

Fix America First, Mitch


Sen. Mitch McConnell appears in DC, but yields speaking role to Sen. John Thune

McConnell does not look well…not recovered from fall


Tweet from McConnell’s office re-emphasizes $$$ for Ukraine as America’s #1 priority

The American people do NOT believe support for Ukraine is America’s #1 priority

  • America is broken in spending, defense, border security, urban decay and violence, public health
  • Putin has been resisted in Ukraine; Russia is not storming all of Ukraine or anywhere else; but drone assassination attempt on Putin (US? or Ukraine?) risks WWIII and nuclear devastation

…and so, why is escalation of Ukraine conflict in America’s interest?

Americans have lost all trust and confidence in massively out of touch Uniparty elitists

Defeat of ‘Hate-America’ Leftists ought to be America’s #1 priority


Climate Alarmism:  A Cruel, Dangerous Fraud


Sen. Josh Hawley exposes Biden’s Secy of Interior

Fighting climate change is more important to her than jobs for Americans

AND…Sen. Kennedy exposes Biden’s Dept of Energy official

If request for $50T for fighting climate change is granted…how much will temp change?

    DOE has no answer, because nobody knows the answer…and nobody cares…they just want the $$

‘15 minute cities’ eliminate freedom in the name of convenience & fighting climate change

All of this is about a non-existent crisis that small minds have been convinced to fear

Bracketing temperature data around limited timescales deliberately misleads

CO2 is 0.04% of Earth’s atmosphere…is essential to life…no evidence of danger in current data

Time to call “BS” on the entire climate change scam


COVID Vaccines: A Cruel, Dangerous Fraud


Prior to approval of Pfizer covid vaccine…

  • US and UK health official entered into agreement NOT to disclose adverse vaccine events

FOIA litigation has exposed breadth of official, govt-sanctioned non-disclosure cooperation

Edward Dowd—

  • Assembled group life insurance data showing 40% ‘excess mortality’ in USA in 2021-2022

Steve Kirsch—

  • Relentless, irrefutable Substack posts documenting vaccines as unsafe and ineffective

Is it really extreme to characterize public health official behavior as ‘crimes against humanity’?

If their behavior is excused based on initial uncertainties…what is their excuse NOW?

Americans’ trust in public health officials has collapsed

…and rightfully so


Gender Lunacy: Another Cruel, Dangerous Fraud


US Navy releases recruiting video featuring sailor performing as a drag queen

ØWho responds favorably to this recruiting message?

ØWhat kind of ‘soldier’ or sailor is the Navy envisioning from this recruiting video?

ØWhat enemy can be defeated by a ‘fighting force’ comprised of drag queens?

ØDoes the military of China or Russia fear a US military that recruits on this basis?


This is the product of leftist infiltration of the US military—begun under Obama—that is intended to weaken and ultimately destroy the US military…and it is working

Do enough Americans care…to demand a stop to this nonsense?