Why It Matters – The May 3rd Show

Why It Matters – The May 3rd Show

WaPo & Me – WHY


WaPo apparently preparing a story on Russ Ramsland, election fraud investigator

  • Guest on ACWT
  • Rumors say WaPo story will be a ‘hit piece’

WaPo reporter’s questions suggest to me the goal is to enforce a narrative that all claims of election fraud are false, and that any talk about any claims of election fraud causes and is responsible for violence…

See my reply at americacanwetalk.org:

“Hit Piece Coming on an Election Fraud Investigator?

The left’s obsession with shutting down all talk of election fraud

is bizarre and disturbing

What happened to First Amendment rights of Free Speech?


Election Victories – TRUTH Winning


Texas CD6 race bellwether…and bell-ringer?

  • 23 candidates vied to take place of deceased Rep Ron Wright
  • Top two vote-getters headed to run-off: BOTH Republicans
  • Wright’s wife Susan endorsed by Trump, and was top vote-getter
  • Candidate endorsed by Trump/MAGA-hater Adam Kinzinger received 3%

Dem/leftist late campaign robocall (as reported by Texas GOP Chair Allen West) alleged that Susan Wright was under investigation for the murder of her husband

This is the level of depravity and desperation on the left; and CD6 voters rejected it

Southlake, TX elections go full conservative; reject CRT by 70/30 proportion…

Austin, TX (!!) voters say no to public homeless encampments; overruling city council

These are heartening results –America is waking up!


Sen. Tim Scott and Truth about Race


Senator Scott’s rebuttal to Biden’s speech was uplifting, unifying, patriotic…and spoken by a black man who has experienced the ugliness of ignorance and actual racism, but understands the bigger picture—

“Hear me clearly, America is not a racist country”

Post-speech vilification of Scott by the leftist twitter mobs—trending with “Uncle Tim”—is wildly over the top and out of touch with the American people—of every skin color, gender, ethnicity, etc.

Americans are beginning to understand the left’s agenda to destroy America as founded

Is the ‘Sleeping Giant’ awakened?