Why It Matters – The May 4th Show

Why It Matters – The May 4th Show



IF you or a young woman you know would be interested in attending the Turning Point

USA Young Women’s Leadership Summit in Dallas on June 10-13,

AND would like to apply for a scholarship to cover costs, go to:


AND, please think of young women in your life to share this information with!

We must be training up the next generation of patriots,

To keep America strong and free!!


Liz Cheney & America’s Civil War


U.S. Rep Liz Cheney “got it” when the Democrats first tried to impeach Trump over the false claim of Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress in February of 2020.  She called out the Dems for abusing the impeachment power.

BUT she voted to impeach Trump over the January 6th violence at the Capitol, not recognizing OR ELSE not caring that it was exactly the same  motive Democrats had in this 2021 impeachment as they had in 2020.  To destroy Trump & his Agenda.

Neither impeachment was about Trump’s personality or  his conduct. BOTH were motivated by the Leftist hatred of the America First message Donald Trump spread, and that the American people love. America First is intolerable to today’s Democrat Party.

America’s internal battle – ideological civil war

Is about America the Free.


Luntz & McCarthy Roomies


Frank Luntz the famous GOP message shaper, and Kevin McCarthy, the GOP House Minority Leader, share an apartment in DC ???

  • LOTS of House and Senate members find DC expensive and have to find housing that is not always perfect
  • BUT Luntz has been shaping GOP messaging for decades. And Google’s.
  • GOP in DC is SO out of touch with GOP base because they do not see the battle in BIG picture terms …
  • Biden is surrendering the border and tripling refugee intake, to weaken America, and Luntz is signaling to the GOP not to worry about it ..
  • Kevin McCarthy needs a new roommate …


W  & Zuckerberg Collude


George W is locking arms with Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg …

on immigration policy.  Clueless at very best.

Debating and discussing and colluding on immigration policy with someone who actively silences conservative online voices, AND funds massive election interference to help Democrats, is not a signal of W understanding what time it is in America.

We MUST see immigration and refugee policy as part of the broader Leftist mission of weakening and ultimately fundamentally transforming America AWAY from sovereignty and freedom.

W needs to stick with painting!!!