Why It Matters – The May 4th Show

Why It Matters – The May 4th Show

No Joe, LOVING America is NOT Extreme


Joe Biden:

This MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that has existed in American history, in recent American history.”

This is a man/administration that

  • Abandoned US border enforcement
  • Destroyed US energy production
  • Withdrew disastrously from Afghanistan
  • Is mandating vaccination and masking where no medical science supports it
  • Is eviscerating the US military

‘MAGA’ rallies are enthusiastic, peaceful, flag-waving patriots determined to save their country

A man who considers flag-waving patriots ‘most extreme’…

did not receive 81 million votes


Hard Left Desperation: “SHUT down Speech


PBS (supported by US taxpayers) is working to get Tucker Carlson taken off the air

“Carlson is ray-ciss!”  An utterly baseless accusation; they have nothing else to say, ever

Musk takeover of Twitter has broken the left’s stranglehold on the flow of information

  • The left is in a state of hysterical panic over this loss of totalitarian thought-control
  • Attempting to organize an advertiser boycott of Twitter…Musk calls them out

Free speech should not be feared…bad ideas, when exposed in the ‘arena of ideas’, fail

…and that failure ultimately protects all

It’s when bad ideas are not exposed—because of censorship—that they linger, and do harm

America founded on belief the individual can sort out good from bad ideas

…so make sure free speech allows the individual to be informed


Masses at border awaiting Title 42 End


Americans MUST understand:

  1. Destitute migrants did not ‘read the paper’ one day and notice that Title 42 is ending, and then make plans to cross the US border
  2. Migrant masses are being organized and sponsored by leftist organizations intending to destroy America, and are using the expiration of Title 42 to launch a broader ‘invasion’
  3. There is nothing benign about what the Biden admin is going on at the southern border

This is part of the ‘fundamental transformation’ started under Obama

Are enough Americans awake yet…to stop this?


Irrational Roe Rage


Elizabeth Warren unhinged…wants to end filibuster and ok abortion as federal law

…but Senators Manchin and Sinema say NO

Reaction to Roe leak from the left is wildly over the top

  • Roe was pure judicial activism…’legislating from the bench’
  • Reversing Roe does not ban abortion anywhere
  • Returns abortion guidelines, rules and limitations to state legislatures
  • This is the ‘states as laboratories of democracy’ feature of the American republic

Neither abortion advocates nor pro-life advocates should fear debate with legislatures

            This is the American way–