Why It Matters – The May 4th Show

CDC Pads Virus Death Rates


Project Veritas records NYC funeral directors admitting to padding Covid death data

At May 1, 2020, CDC official data said 37,308 Covid-19 deaths – not 60,000+ in MSM

Other CDC anticipates larger numbers, but not confirmed

Stimulus funding incentivizes padding of Covid-19 death data

More Covid-19 deaths, more stimulus funding

Net Result:

  • No trust in the veracity of Covid-19 death numbers
  • Rapidly declining trust in the entire ‘lethality’/pandemic scare


Trump’s “No Way Out” Covid Problem


Unless/Until Trump acknowledges govt shutdown was an overreaction,

Re-opening pressure is neutered by the huge fear already created

Trump’s townhall answers show he doesn’t recognize how the left has boxed him in

Re-opening BEFORE fear subsides will lead to blaming Trump for all future deaths

Re-opening AFTER fear subsides will be too late…Nat’l economic suicide complete

There is hard data backing up the position that fear has been over-stoked from inception

If Trump does not want to admit initial over-reaction, he should at least acknowledge new data and urge America to move forward using facts we know today

Time to re-open, NOW

The vulnerable and fearful can choose to stay home


Florida Does It Right on Covid


Gov. Ron DeSantis’ video’d takedown of media Covid hype is rock solid

The panic-level fears were not justified

The actual death rates and hospitalization rates do not reflect a crisis

Similar data available to Gov. Abbott of Texas and Gov. Newsom of CA

But Abbott is re-opening slowly

And Newsom is a leftist control-freak with a vindictive streak (Orange County)

So Texans and Californians are suffering economic catastrophe

for no good reason…governors are to blame

Texas needs to re-open, NOW

California needs a new Governor


FBI Scandal and Sen. Lindsey Graham: All Hat, No Cattle?


Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business is one of very few MSM journalists who has done the homework to know the ins and outs of CIA/DOJ/FBI corruption re Flynn and Trump

She finally Called out Sen. Lindsey Graham for lots of video clips of tough talk, lots of promises of tough hearings…and delivering absolutely nothing of any consequence

Sen. Graham is suspected by many to be a Deep State protector and probably participant

He KNOWS other Senators are implicated in the coup attempt (McCain was his best pal)

He likely knows other Senators allegedly in on money-laundering/profiteering on Ukraine and China

Barr/Durham’s Problem: How Much to Expose?


Covid Tyranny Continues


Wisconsin moves to arrest single mom for unauthorized playground visit with daughter

This is police state tactics for the sole reason: Because they can

Illinois Governor outraged at question about his wife’s defiance of stay-at-home orders

…which are obviously only for everyone else

California Governor re-opens all CA beaches except those in Orange County where local officials filed suit against him

…this is not about ‘science’; it is about political power

This is why Americans are tiring of the pandemic

No principled leadership; just leveraging fear for power

Un-American Leadership Needs to be Voted Out