Why It Matters – The May 5th Show

Why It Matters – The May 5th Show

SOME Race Discrimination OK?


Academia and some parts of corporate America are following Critical Race Theory

Reintroducing segregation of people for purposes of training and education

CRT makes race the defining characteristic of who you are…including how you should think

CRT is central to the radical left agenda; it springs from a godless view of mankind

CRT is anti-American and antithetical to ‘all men (and women) are created equal (by God)’

Once Americans understand CRT, they overwhelmingly reject it

Spread the word about the evil of CRT


Want to Meet Marjorie Taylor Greene?


  • MTG is demonized and smeared for her traditional conservative pro-American worldview
  • Blackballed by Beltway ruling class; banned from House committee assignments
  • I’ve met MTG: she is a hard-working, common sense, heartland-values American now serving in Congress

So why is Marjorie demonized and smeared?  Is she actually feared by the left?

How does she persevere?

Learn more on Thursday, May 6, on our ACWT members-only show!

MTG will be live with me on Skype