Why It Matters – The May 5th Show

Virus Poll Trumps Your Freedom?


New poll says majority of Americans think it is too soon to re-open

Putting aside the strong possibility that the poll is engineered propaganda…

  • America is a constitutional republic, not a ‘majority rules’ democracy
  • America’s constitutional republic protects individual freedoms

The ‘majority’ is not empowered to take freedom away, ever

The poll posits a false narrative…staying home does not equal health safety; never has

Consider the Catholic monks in Dallas – 9 infected while living a monk’s life

Other recluse stories – catching the virus despite isolation

Living involves exposure to viruses; there is no avoiding this reality

Viruses must never justify the surrender of American liberty


Dr. Everett Piper and Thoughts on Freedom


Dr. Piper is a prolific and powerful writer; read his Washington Times columns

I fear death, so take my liberty” is not aligned with American history or heritage

America’s stance: Liberty is what makes life worth living

Tyranny running amok

Oklahoma Mayor bans fishing and visits to grandma????

Only the American people rising up—not individual heroic acts by individual politicians—    can defeat this attack on liberty and overcome the pandemic


No Blue State Virus Bailouts


Decades of fiscal recklessness in blue states—profligate spending, public pensions—

…must not be bailed out by even more profligate spending at the federal level

Piling fiscal irresponsibility on top of fiscal irresponsibility assures eventual collapse—

…which has been the design of Cloward-Piven and other leftists, forever

President Trump and Congress MUST stop feeding the delusion of unlimited govt stimulus

Government CANNOT solve everything and take care of everyone

This is the exact opposite of the spirit of MAGA

There should be only one priority: Re-open America, NOW