Why It Matters – The May 9th Show

Why It Matters – The May 9th Show

Texas Republicans Abandon Border Enforcement??


Allegedly ‘Red State’ Texas has a GOP-controlled House, Senate and Governor’s office

Yet patriot legislation designed to give Texas Governor greater power to secure border

…is being shutdown by GOP House representatives

What gives?

GOPe donors desire open borders almost as much as radical leftists…it is a Uniparty priority

  • GOPe donor class controls the actions of Texas GOP reps

Texans’ common sense is being mocked, then ignored by elected officials

  • EVERY common sense Texan locks doors at night
  • EVERY common sense Texan (& American) wants the doors to their country (borders) locked
  • EVERYONE with common sense is willing to unlock the doors after visitors are vetted
  • Criminals/terrorists not allowed in; those who sincerely desire citizenship can be welcomed

Mocking/ignoring the common sense of Texans is not a wise ‘governing’ idea


What J6 Proud Boys Convictions Mean for Trump


FBI malfeasance in Proud Boys trial not being reported; jury bias also ignored

Guilty verdicts expected to embolden Special Counsel to indict Trump

  • Even jailing Trump pending trial is now being openly discussed

Every bit of the J6 and Get Trump ‘sedition’ hysteria springs from a categorical, demonstrable lie:

The 2020 election was the most secure in history

Proof that the 2020 election was rigged is now overwhelming, documented, irrefutable—LOOK AT:

  • The data of Dr. Douglas Frank; the analysis of Seth Keshel; 2000 Mules; the Twitter Files; the willful deceit of 51 govt officials re Hunter’s laptop; the details of the Konnech case
  • More FBI/DOJ whistleblowers MUST step up and acknowledge this proof

Justice can never emerge from a foundation of prosecutorial lies

civil society cannot be maintained on a foundation of governmental deceit

Special Counsel Smith ought to resign