Why It Matters – The May 9th Show

Why It Matters – The May 9th Show

OCCUPIED America Reports: Killing the Mules


Dinesh D’Souza’ 2000 Mules documentary has been the object of unprecedented attack

  • Rumble—one platform that made the film available—publicly acknowledged massive attack on their servers
  • Big Tech massively censoring any public mention of the film
  • Fox and Tucker Carlson reportedly ordered Catherine Engelbrecht NOT to mention the film title during an interview

Americans living today have limited understanding of living in ‘occupied territory’

…but that is exactly what America is in 2022

  • America was taken over via a stolen election in 2020
  • Installed government ruling by force and fear
  • Resistance is being suppressed via govt/Big Tech/corporate alliance

Prediction:  Americans will not tolerate life in an occupied territory


Primal Scream: LIFE for J6 protesters


Dinesh D’Souza in 2000 Mules captured the truth of January 6th:

  • Not an ‘insurrection’
  • A ‘primal scream’ of the American people at what they all knew was a stolen election

DOJ of the installed govt has officially threatened life in prison sentences for J6 protestors who do not plead guilty to sedition or similar crime

  • …all J6 defendants were unarmed and almost all were either (1) invited into the Capitol building, or (2) did not go into the Capitol at all…and for this they deserve a life sentence?

This is life in an occupied territory…no law…no justice…no respect for truth

…just ruthless power by unwanted rulers

America was founded by people determined and able to resist tyranny

…do their descendants have what it takes to do it again?


Alito & Thomas & SCOTUS & Roe


Justice Sam Alito and family reportedly relocated for their safety

Justice Clarence Thomas says SCOTUS will not be bullied


  • Opponents of Roe v. Wade – prayed that it be overturned
  • Opponents of draft Dobbs opinion – unprecedented violence and threats to SCOTUS

Biden admin belatedly denounces violence and threats…prompted by bad polling results?

Americans learning:  The left does not tolerate dissent from leftist dogma

Americans re-learning freedom and American Exceptionalism


Billionaires leaving America


Billionaires seeking ‘golden passport’ to countries considered safer than USA

  • Demand has more than tripled in past three years
  • New Zealand and Portugal now considered by billionaires to be safer than USA?

Millions of Americans have no clue how vulnerable the US economy is to complete collapse

Millions of Americans have no clue that their country is under actual attack…from within

Billionaires typically understand finance…and they understand the USA has historically been the safest country in the world

            …billionaires are ‘voting with their feet’ => more Americans need to wake up