Why It Matters – The November 10th Show

Why It Matters – The November 10th Show

Ignore that Court Order!!


  • Biden’s Press Sec tells businesses to proceed with vaccine mandates in defiance of      5th Cir. TRO – which warned of ‘grave statutory and constitutional issues’ w/ mandate
  • This is abject defiance of the rule of law…it mocks the Constitution’s separation of powers…it is the raw exercise of amoral power, AND protests are increasing!
  • The masks are off and any subtlety is gone: the Biden cabal is tearing down America and its security and its freedom – right before our very eyes. Border abandonment, military weakening and demoralizing, crazed spending, Vax passports and mandates, driving oil and gas prices and inflation through the roof. Bullying their way along.

Is the ‘sleeping giant’ feared by the Japanese in 1941—the American people…

…awake yet?


Biden Nominee: Agenda is to Bankrupt the Oil Industry


Biden Treasury Dept nominee Saule Omarova says the quiet part out loud:

She stated on video that the intent of the Biden administration is to use the Treasury Dept. to bankrupt oil, coal and natural gas companies

Omarova is a graduate of Moscow State University in Russia…her graduate thesis:

“Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital”

A straightforward communist ideologue

Anyone who still believes ‘Biden is a moderate’ is delusional

Fighting ‘climate change’ has always been just a tool for leftists/totalitarians

How much more of this will the American people take?