Why It Matters – The November 11th Show

Why It Matters – The November 11th Show

Biden’s Day One Plan


Biden’s top 4 Executive Orders set for his supposed “Day One”:

  • Rejoin Paris Accord (crippling environmental regulations on USA, not binding on China)
  • Rejoin WHO (health organization transparently controlled by CCP)
  • Reinstate DACA
  • Abandon travel restrictions imposed on countries posing threat of terrorism

Existing ban based on poor ID records in affected countries; poor vetting capability

Existing ban also concerned with countries with pockets of radical Islamists

Even among Americans who supposedly ‘hate Trump’s personality’….

Do they really support rejoining the economy-killing Paris Accord?

Do they really support the abandonment of protection from terrorism?

And—mask mandates and 100K contact tracers…Americans really want this?

                                    Biden voters are experiencing remorse already


Esper and DoD Shake-Up


Every President/Commander-in-Chief MUST be able to trust and rely on Cabinet officials

…especially the Secretary of Defense

Trump has been hamstrung from the beginning by the Swamp

McConnell won’t approve anyone who is a threat to the Swamp

Which leads to poor key appointments – Mark Esper, Gina Haspel, Chris Wray

Esper would not support use of Insurrection Act; sympathetic with rioters

Post-election shake up at DoD…”IT’S ABOUT TIME!”

John Brennan is rattled; his accusations against Trump are always projection

The new appointments at DoD have demonstrated knowledge of the coup attempts


America is in safer hands for enduring the upcoming turmoil