Why It Matters – The November 12th Show

Why It Matters – The November 12th Show

Vote Fraud v. Election Fraud


Dead voters, fake voters, backdated ballots, forged ballots, nursing home block voters…

…all of this is serious “vote fraud” that may invalidate certain state’s elections

But “vote fraud” is trifling compared with ‘election fraud’

Election fraud involves systemic, planned and plotted changing of vote counts

                              Millions of votes potentially altered…masking a Trump landslide?

               Hammer, Scorecard, Dominion Voting Systems and other names raised by Russ                                                Ramsland’s work (discussed on this show) are gaining attention

               Trump’s tweets and Sidney Powell’s interviews suggest systemic election fraud is                                                             about to be exposed

May shock the conscience of even a large segment of Democrat voters

This is why Sidney Powell:  Not about D’s and R’s; this is a hostile takeover attempt

The most important two months in US history are coming up…pray


DOJ, Election Fraud and Biden Buyer Remorse


Barr’s recent order is BIG

Opens up federal investigation authority that has been stifled by old policy of investigating      fraud allegations after the cheaters had already won…

Ousted Pilger – ringleader in protection of Lois Lerner’s attacks on tea parties

Election fraud implications dawning on some Democrats

MSM censorship of Biden positions made many believe the only issue was personality

“Dr. Naomi Wolf” would never have voted for Biden had she known—

Biden’s intended mask mandates + rejoining Paris Accord/crippling US economy

Expect more of Biden remorse to surface rapidly…and more fraud


Feds Question USPS Whistleblower


Project Veritas captured federal agents arm-twisting USPS whistleblower

Trying to force him to recant

WaPo headlines FALSE news that he recanted

He remains adamant:  no recanting; fraud is real

FOLKS:  This is the SWAMP exemplified

AG Bill Barr orders feds to take election fraud claims seriously

Yet holdover federal agents do the opposite…the fix and the coup runs deep

Flushing out this evil will require American fortitude…and will be worth it