Why It Matters – The November 14th Show

Why It Matters – The November 14th Show

Lessons from the Coffee Shop Moms


A Friday gathering of Moms and babies at the coffee shop offers hope and frustration


  • Normalcy of marriage and motherhood is still alive in America
  • Innocence, purity and unlimited potential of loved children is inspiring
  • A Friday morning moms group gathering still a time for joy and friendship


  • A vibe of utter naivete about what is happening in America…i.e., what election?
  • A wrongly conditioned belief that freedom is always natural and present in America

Naivete and ignorance are enemies of America

Freedom isn’t free, and it is ‘existentially’ at risk in America

Every American needs to wake up and get engaged to save this country


Stolen Elections = House on Fire


There is no time to worry about the paint color in the bathroom

when the house is on fire!

Stolen elections in America mean America’s entire house is on fire

  • There can be no repair of America by the American people

…unless there is actual consent of the governed => honest elections

Debate about political messaging and strategy in the aftermath of the 2022 mid-terms

…is akin to debating paint colors for a house on fire

State legislatures must act NOW

Electronic voting machines must be banned; ‘vote Amish’ must be the model


POLITICOS:  DON’T Lecture us


Elected officials—especially from the GOP—are completely off the mark

  • “We need better ‘R’ messaging!”
  • “Our people didn’t show up…they failed us!”
  • “We need stronger outreach to [xyz] voting group!”

NO, NO and NO

America is under the thumb of rigged elections…no different than 3rd world dictatorships

Messaging and outreach are always important…but they were not the problem Nov. 8

DeSantis’ landslide re-election reflected the actual Red Wave that swept the country

  • It was apparently allowed while the others were denied…because a major mission of today’s Uniparty/Deep State is to destroy the political viability of outsider Donald Trump


Ukraine + FTX: Dem Corruption on Steroids


FTX cryptocurrency collapse reeks of a sophisticated Ponzi scheme

Money laundering of US aid to Ukraine back to US politicos via FTX in question

FTX founder/CEO second only to George Soros as leftist Democrat sponsor/financier

Zero confidence that collapse of leftist-controlled FTX will be voluntarily prosecuted

…but size of the losses (in billion$) may force accountability

Tune in this Thursday, November 17, to hear Kevin Freeman—expert on economic warfare

We’ll peel back the onion on FTX, ‘ESG’ and ‘CBDC’

Don’t let jargon scare you off from understanding the FTX scandal

It is BIG