Why It Matters – The November 14th Show

Why It Matters – The November 14th Show

United Nations & Other Globalists Condemn America


Understand where globalism/secularism leads…

Scathing UN Report condemns America for:

  • Free speech rights
  • Restrictions on abortion
  • Limits on genital mutilation of children
  • Death penalty for murderers

Soros, Gates-funded globalist think tanks urge shutting down US military in service to

‘climate change’ alarmism

This is why MAGA resonates with so many Americans

This is why Donald Trump is viewed as a threat

MAGA and Trump are right; UN/Globalists are wrong


Ronna, the RNC & Vivek’s Take


Vivek Ramaswamy used GOP presidential debate stage to launch specific attack on inept and ineffective RNC and RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel

Vivek’s take resonated with millions of GOP voters

RNC has been consistently timid and weak re

  • J6 prisoner treatment
  • 2020 election rigging
  • Biden criminality

The RNC does need new blood, new energy

That’s why I’m running for RNC Committeewoman for Texas!

Check out DEBBIEG4RNC.com


FBI Gets Lavish New HQ Because Good Behavior


Does the FBI need a headquarters that is twice the size of the Pentagon?

FBI shutdown of high-end DC brothels coincident with timing of Congressional vote on new FBI headquarters prompted widespread speculation…

is this how the FBI secures new funding…by threatening exposure of ‘high-end’ brothel ‘clients’?

This is GOP weakness exemplified:

  • FBI is gestapo-like in pursuit of J6 protesters
  • FBI does nothing whatsoever in pursuit of antifa, BLM, Hamas protesters

…AND the GOP rewards the FBI with a ‘police state’ headquarters that dwarfs the Pentagon

This is indefensible…greenlighting ongoing assaults on the freedom of the American people