Why It Matters – The November 14th Show

Why It Matters – The November 14th Show

Impeachment – Day 1,029

DEMS determination to impeach started before Donald Trump was inaugurated

There has never been an impeachable crime named by DEMS…

1.    Reversing the 2016 election result is the DEM goal

2.    Impeachment is the means

3.    Grounds for impeachment is an afterthought; backfill

This is why witnesses have been prepared in secret; they are rehearsing, following a script the DEMS desire…and even with all that, there’s nothing of substance, ZERO



Impeachment – Who Decides Foreign Policy

1.    The President does not work for:  State Dept, career diplomats or ‘interagency’ committees

            ALL of the US State Department work for the President

2.   The President does not work for or answer to the CIA, DOJ or FBI…

            The CIA, DOJ and FBI work for the President

3.    The President DOES work for and is answerable to:  “We the People” in elections

NOTE: The investigation of Ukrainian corruption and related 2016 election interference is a legitimate American interest

            Biden doesn’t get a pass for past corruption by becoming a 2020 candidate


LGBTQ Mafia Strikes Again

LGBTQ militants practice the intolerance they falsely attribute to Christianity

No one may write or speak anything counter to transgender & LGBTQ orthodoxy, and anyone who dares shall be attacked, hated, destroyed personally & professionally

The Salvation Army’s work with the homeless and hungry is…homophobic?

            A homeless biological man not permitted to be housed with women…transphobic?

Yet LGBTQ pressure on singer Ellie Goulding causes her to threaten walkaway from NFL gig unless Salvation Army bows to whatever LGBTQ militants demand.

LGBTQ militancy will only be stopped if people and groups-the NFL, Salvation Army, & the American people JUST SAY NO


Lies Feminists Tell Women

Leftists have always preyed on and tried to manipulate women’s emotions, and discouraged traditional families.  It WAS a good thing for equality for women to have equal access/rights to education, careers,

BUT … Culture & Families Matter!

Four Lies Leftists/Feminists Tell Women AND the truth:

        Women don’t need men: Yes, men and women needing each other is wholesome and healthy

        Women and men are the same. Wrong again – and the differences are healthy!

        Biological clock isn’t real: Yes, it just is. Pushing childbearing later adds risks and reduces family size

        Career more meaningful than marriage and children: BOTH are meaningful, and possible (though for many, not at the same time)

Leftism benefits by destruction of families and marriage:

        The government has more power to control what children learn and think if parents out of the picture.

        The fewer intact families, the BIGGER the role the GOVERNMENT has in creating dependency