Why It Matters – The November 15th Show

Why It Matters – The November 15th Show

TX Gov Abbott (finally) Declares

an Invasion at the Southern Border


Kari Lake has been promising this action for months in campaign for AZ Gov

Abbott is never the leader, but often a good follower…this is a right action for the times

Declaration of ‘invasion’ opens up legal powers not otherwise available under Constitution

  • Takes away federal govt preemptive power re border enforcement
  • Allows more aggressive state policing/deportation of illegal entrants
  • Allows building of wall in affected counties
  • Puts the lie to Biden claims of ‘secure border’
  • If Biden admin wants to stop TX state action…will have to prove that there is no invasion

Abbott not viable as presidential candidate unless he shows results securing the border

Abbott’s follow up actions will be critical…is he serious?


Arizona’s Kari Lake DEFEATED? Not So Fast ..


2022 steal of AZ Governor election is obvious…far more obvious than 2020 steal

  • Lake rallies huge; Hobbs’ almost non-existent
  • Lake’s social media presences/followers over 10X Hobbs (>1M more)
  • Hobbs refused debates…universally criticized
  • Hobbs plainly an unimpressive lightweight…but Soros-funded

AZ’s GOP heritage dominated by McCain…determined to stamp out Lake’s MAGA populism

Hard to predict the ‘how’ but the AZ election is so over-the-top fraudulent

with an ‘in-your-face’ disdain for Arizona voters

not likely to stand

New election to be ordered?


Biden’s ASEAN Summit Stunt


Biden (and Canadian PM Trudeau) wear Mao suits at Asean Summit

Biden’s handlers likely make this decision for him…what are they thinking?

  • Funny? In a country openly at war with America?
  • Mocking slap to America over the Hunter Biden corruption?
  • A signal of where they want America to go…under CCP rule?

Biden and the leftist cabal believe they are invincible

  • Stealing elections at will
  • Pursuing the agenda of destruction: kill US energy, open borders, eviscerate military, weaponize FBI and DOJ while defunding/demoralizing police

Is a reckoning coming?

What will Trump say in his announcement today?