Why It Matters – The November 16th Show

Why It Matters – The November 16th Show

Trump is In: Patriots Should…


…Remember:  November 2024 is two long years away—but America is already at the brink

  • Open borders consequences yet to be fully felt…terrorism, crime
  • Inflation still out of control
  • Oil and diesel shortages imminent; Food supply disruption possible
  • Ukraine, Taiwan, Iran – very volatile

and a leftist cabal is still apparently in charge

Who is up to the task of leading the patriot effort to save this country?

  • Denouncing and pushing for dismantling the entire election-rigging apparatus
  • Denouncing and pushing for dismantling the corrupt, weaponized DOJ and FBI
  • Demanding the re-opening of the oil and gas industry…and debunking climate alarmism
  • Making sure neither plandemics nor pandemics ever again destroy American freedom
  • Exposing the FTX rot inside the Uniparty

DeSantis/others have a long way to go to catch up to Trump

Two-year competition can be good for America




FTX details emerging…ugly, corrupt and tied to the left

  • FTX founder second to Soros as Dem/leftist donor
  • But $2.5M donation to McConnell
  • Red flags suggesting active in laundering US aid to Ukraine back to Dem/Uniparty pols

Uniparty will block investigation and accountability…Trump will fight for it…anyone else?

Feds proceeding with test runs for CBDC; continuing with ESG enforcement/imposition

Do NOT dismiss FTX, CBDC and ESG as silo-ed financial issues of no interest to average American

They are part and parcel of DC corruption and leftist totalitarian agenda

Tune in tomorrow for conversation/interview with economic warfare expert Kevin Freeman