Why It Matters – The November 16th Show

Why It Matters – The November 16th Show

Million MAGA Report


Take it from an eyewitness:

There were more than a million people at the MAGA March on Washington DC on Nov 14, 2020

Here’s what happened at this MAGA March

  • Prayer
  • The Pledge of Allegiance
  • Singing the National Anthem
  • At least a quarter million American flags
  • Diversity in the broadest sense
  • No littering and no violence…until antifa showed up

 73 million Trump voters are a united, awakened force unlike anything ever seen in America

They will demand justice in the Presidential election

They will NOT be denied


The Election Coup


This election coup was extensively planned and executed

  • Conditioning polls to set up belief in Biden rout (+10 points)
  • Voting machine manipulation on early voting tallies (documented since 2018)

Vote-flipping algorithms on early voting can’t always ‘cover’ Election Day results….SO

  • Mail in ballots opened up the way to overcome Election Day turnout for Trump
  • MSM aided by calling states early for Biden, while holding off on calling states for Trump
  • Vote tallying on Election Day all stopped contemporaneously in Dem swing states

Huge numbers of mail in ballots came in late; big chunks all-Biden, w/no votes other than for Biden

‘Night of’ Election Day results all favored Trump re-election; next day results all for Biden

  • MSM ‘calls’ the election, anoints Biden “President-Elect” before any votes certified

    The coup plotters have awakened the sleeping giant:  THE AMERICAN PEOPLE


Sidney Powell Election Fraud Evidence


Sidney Powell is a throwback lawyer:  she doesn’t lie and she doesn’t bluff

I never say anything I can’t prove

Ms. Powell has zeroed in on vote tabulation/manipulation evident since at least 2018

Watch Russ Ramsland ACWT interview on October 28, 2020

She says she has ‘blow your mind’ levels of evidence of election fraud

She says more evidence is coming in ‘like a firehose’

She says her evidence will justify overturning results in many states

The American people are going to become judge and jury; they will NOT be denied


Covid as Plot


Watch ACWT interviews with Dr. Simone Gold (10/21 and 11/12)

  • Efficacious covid therapies are documented and abundant

Hydroxychloroquine, budesonide, oleandrin (recently helped Dr. Ben Carson)

  • Recovery rates are 99+% for virtually all but the very aged and infirm
  • Rises in ‘cases’ is NOT rise in mortal danger – It’s due to more testing that is plagued

by false positives

  • Masks don’t help AND a Covid vaccine is NOT critical to the survival of humanity

Mass thought manipulation:

  • The Great Reset author & WEF guru Klaus Schwab: “covid = new BC & AC”?
  • Americans conditioned to submit and agree to limitations on freedom
  • Mockery and ridicule to silence dissent or even questions
  • COVID is more of a freedom issue than a healthcare issue

Do NOT consent…trust your eyes and ears…trust common sense