Why It Matters – The November 18th Show

Why It Matters – The November 18th Show

Latest Vote & Election Fraud:

Smartmatic, Sidney & Wayne County MI


Senior Venez. military officer confirms under oath:  Smartmatic software designed to rig elections

Exported to Argentina, then others in South America, then USA

Ultimate ‘gaslighting’ – the world is NOT embracing socialism; it is watching rigged election results

Sidney Powell has estimated that President Trump actually received 80 million votes

Wayne County, MI had 2-2 deadlock on certifying results after massive evidence of fraud in Detroit

Deadlock resolved to 4-0 FOR certifying after GOP members cave to ‘racist’ accusations

Americans understand integrity and honesty

Do their elected officials?

Can their elected officials find backbone?


The MO: How Leftists Destroy Countries & Freedom


Viral video of Yugoslavian woman is a MUST LISTEN…she outlines the leftist playbook:

  • Use civil unrest to instill hatred among groups
  • Blame inequalities on discrimination and hatred
  • Make govt into the force for waging battle between oppressor and victims
  • Media fuel this narrative
  • Fear and insecurity breaks down societal cohesion
  • Start staged riots; use a spark (George Floyd) to get things to go wild
  • Private militias form; law enforcement doesn’t know who are the bad guys…chaos
  • Innocent, well-meaning people brainwashed into becoming enemies of each other

All because leftists love power

They do not believe in love for one another

This is fundamentally anti-American