Why It Matters – The November 19th Show

Why It Matters – The November 19th Show

Media Echo Chamber – Information Warfare


  • James Wood’s montage drives it home: We are in the midst of Information Warfare
  • Americans are being lied to by their MSM, and manipulated by Big Tech censorship
  • Victory in this war requires discernment of the truth

The repetition of lies can never make them into truth, but the left is trying

The election is over” – No, it is not

There is no evidence of election fraud” – No, there is overwhelming evidence

The American people have moved on” – No, 11/14 was a real Million Man March…and the tip of the iceberg of the American people’s ire at this fraud

America is trending socialist” – No, it is not…27 ‘toss-up’ races?  GOP won 27

The people liked Trump’s agenda, but hated him and voted him out” –


Support ACWT and other alternative media

America is overdue for complete replacement of corrupt/lying media


Covid Tyranny Incoming


Covid is the left’s ticket to totalitarian control; Biden is just a figurehead

Lockdowns, masks, curfews, limits on family gatherings at Thanksgiving and Christmas…

there is NO MEDICAL SCIENCE supporting any of this

Broad, stringent lockdowns in Europe have NOT worked

Covid therapies abound; doctors successfully treating patients are silenced…WHY?

Covid recovery rates are 99+% for virtually all but the very aged and infirm

Fauci gave away the game:  ‘now’s the time to do what you’re told’ = this is totalitarianism

Vaccination will become the gateway for travel, entertainment, entrance to anything

JUSTICE Alito AND Senator Rand Paul see covid policy as tyranny … spread the word!!

Civil disobedience may be the only way to stop this

Stop this now OR it will only get worse


Leftists Bulldozing American Freedom


The left has opened a multi-front war…Americans must be awake to fight every front

WordPress de-platforming conservative sites

Mail Chimp refusing to allow conservative messages

GoFundMe taking down sites for conservative causes

YouTube, Facebook and Twitter continuing brazen censorship against conservatives

Rioters attacking peaceful protestors…and attacking innocents eating at restaurants

Free speech denied on college campuses

The American people MUST stay strong and clear…there are vastly more Americans who love this country and want to preserve it than hate it and want to destroy it

            All that’s needed is for the majority to stand up and fight