Why It Matters – The November 1st Show

Why It Matters – The November 1st Show

Staggering Consequences of 2022 Midterms


If America is to be restored peacefully, this MUST begin with an overwhelming MAGA/red wave on November 8

  • Election day voting MUST swamp the machine algorithms
  • Incumbent leftists MUST receive emphatic rejection
  • Red wave election beneficiaries MUST lead with boldness and decisiveness to STOP the left
  • US House and Senate leadership MUST change to reflect the urgency of the times and the desperation of the American people…CLOSE THE BORDER; END ELECTION FRAUD
  • Corrupt institutions—FBI, DOJ, CDC—MUST be dismantled, de-weaponized and begun again

There is no historical precedent for the peaceful restoration of freedom and justice after it has been so brazenly taken away…but Americans are awake and determined

A November 8 Red Wave must mark a new birth of freedom in America


True the Vote Leaders JAILED?


Konnech (MI company) and CEO Eugene Yu already publicly exposed by LEO in LA County…

…as clearly connected to CCP

…as breaching obligations to keep election records stored in USA and NOT in China

Konnech CEO actually arrested in California and charged with crimes

Yet Texas judge pretends not to know the facts above, and honors Konnech’s defamation (??!!) lawsuit against True the Vote for exposing Konnech’s fraudulent behavior and ominous connection to US election fraud

  • Texas judge holds True the Vote founder C. Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips in contempt for not disclosing their informant…and sends them to jail

Texas judge represents a new low in leftist activism from the bench

He is protecting China and the CCP by trying to silence and thwart exposure by American patriots

This is unconscionable and should be grounds for impeachment