Why It Matters – The November 1st Show

Why It Matters – The November 1st Show

Race Hoax in VA: McAuliffe CANNOT help himself


  • According to VA Governor candidate Terry McAuliffe:

…Everything was fine until parents started complaining about CRT…

…CRT not being taught in VA schools…[a bold-faced, outright lie]

…Parents have no business complaining about what schools teach…

  • Discredited Lincoln Project stages racial protest hoax to trigger black vote for McAuliffe
  • Blaming parents for caring about their children’s education – Winning political strategy?

Deep State/radical left cabal can’t really afford a blowout of McAuliffe

WaPo delivers final pre-election poll proclaiming ‘tossup’

Fairfax County VA election officials warns Tuesday votes may not be counted til Friday

Setting the stage for another election theft?


Popular Delusions & Covid Vaccine Mandates


  • Classic literature: 1841’s “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

Humanity is forever falling victim to mass hysteria

In the 1800’s….witches; animal magnetism; fortune-tellers

  • In 2021…

DATA shows covid has a 99+% recovery rate for almost everyone, and w/o vaccines

DATA shows multiple efficacious early treatments available

DATA shows India and Japan with stunningly effective treatment via ivermectin

YET, Biden administration persists with mandatory vaccination hysteria

Millions – in America and worldwide – are asking:  why the hysteria?

The answer:  this is not about public health; it is about an agenda of public control


Great Reset = BBB, plus COP26


  • Private jets bringing delegations to climate conference in Scotland (‘COP26) will emit more CO2 than is normally emitted by the entire country of Scotland in an entire year
    • If it is true that humanity has less than 10 years to live, is this what honest activists do?
    • Wouldn’t a ‘zoom’ call be better for the planet?
  • Cut through it all, and you’ll find ‘Build Back Better’ and 26th annual ‘Conference of the Parties’ are just a Biden cabal-sanctioned version of the Great Reset
    • Climate change hysteria is just another cover for moving to global, totalitarian govt
    • With a mission to take away American freedom and exceptionalism

Americans are discerning and getting tired of all the lies, all the time

‘Extraordinary popular delusions’ of 2021 are being exposed and are losing influence