Why It Matters – The November 21st Show

Why It Matters – The November 21st Show

Ukraine = Obama/Biden Quagmire


The impeachment scam is exposing….the scope of Obama/Biden corruption in Ukraine

Ø Hunter Biden, not Don Jr., was fleecing Ukraine

Ø Joe Biden protecting Burisma & Hunter from Ukrainian investigators

Ø Obama, not Trump, denied weapons to Ukraine

Ø And the Deep State went right along with Obama, and is outraged at Trump (?)

Ø It would be negligent for the US NOT to investigate

Ø Go to AmericaCanWeTalk.org and READ the Ukraine Timeline

Getting to the bottom of the Obama/Biden rot is in the interests of America

The impeachment sham has made this possible


$75B Medicaid Fraud


        Just the fraud portion of Medicaid exceeds the cost of the entire food stamp program

        Fraud results from dysfunctional cross-incentives in a program engineered by Big Health

        Common sense should forever guide Americans AWAY from big government programs for addressing healthcare; the government doesn’t administer anything efficiently

        The American way. Provide for those truly mentally or physically unable to care for themselves, require all have skin in the game, and stop claiming healthcare can or should be “free.” But most of all:

So far as humanly possible, keep control of healthcare in hands of people & providers, NOT government.


Dem Debate ‘LowLights’


        “Moderators” cheerleading for impeachment and free stuff

        Attempt to paint hard leftism as “moderate.”

        Truly think through what America would look like if any of these LEFTISTS actually got power

        2020 will be a stark choice; maybe as stark as ever presented to the American people.

        It’s freedom & strength & sovereignty OR Big Gov control, weakness & globalism

American patriots must turn out in 2020, as never before


Warren’s Killer Tax and Health Plan


Elizabeth Warren’s politics of envy are dangerous and ignorant

‘Blame the billionaires’—

Ø Appeals to the American people as ignorant masses, stokes class envy

Ø Is financially silly – confiscation of all billionaires’ wealth won’t pay for 3 years of Warren’s Medicare for All…what’s left after the govt. takes everything?

        Warren backed off of Medicare for ALL ONLY when people pointed out it is unaffordable AND only for the first two years of “her  presidency.”

        Medicare “OPTION for all” is equally destructive of our healthcare system – Government has control over costs etc., and will “out-compete” the private sector.


Is THIS Impeachment Unpatriotic?

        Cut through all the noise and fog…

        The issue is:

        Is the President, elected by the people, in charge of the Executive Branch?



        Are the Deep Staters, not elected by the people, in charge of the Executive Branch?

        Struggle to resist impeachment IS the struggle to reclaim constitutional order!


        Does the House and Senate?