Why It Matters – The November 22nd Show

Why It Matters – The November 22nd Show

Thanksgiving:  Thanking God for America


Thanksgiving a uniquely American holiday

  • Not just thanks for food and shelter and other material comforts
  • It’s always been about giving thanks to God for family and freedom, including freedom to worship God…even before there was a country called the United States of America

And now…Thanksgiving should embrace giving thanks to God…

for the founding of the United States of America

  • Echoing Bible promises of freedom
  • Enshrining God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all men and women
  • Abolishing monarchs/rulers…limiting the powers of government in favor of individual rights

No country, before or since 1776, has had a spiritual foundation comparable to the USA

That’s why it is under attack from atheist/communists; that’s why Patriots must fight to preserve it


GOP Civil War: Ronna, Reince, Kevin & Mitch


MAGA movement is the base of the GOP, BUT GOP leadership

  • Hates Trump…and therefore has no respect—even contempt–for the MAGA base
  • Will tolerate losing national elections if it means neutering Trump as a political force

Ronna McDaniel, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell appear headed to a return to their positions of GOP power…defying the wishes of the MAGA base

  • This is a disconnect that cannot continue

The MAGA base wants secure borders, energy independence, election integrity, integrity in institutions, economic stability, an end to wokeness…

  • …but if the GOP leadership won’t move aggressively to act on MAGA priorities, the GOP may eviscerate itself as a cohesive political party

GOP/Uniparty fixation with destroying Trump blinding them to the will of the people

GOP thinks they destroyed the Tea Party and will destroy MAGA

THEY DIDN’T and WON’T…tumultuous times ahead


Died Suddenly: Doctors & Data vs. Biden & Passports


New documentary ‘Died Suddenly’ has gathered the growing and inescapable data documenting that covid vaccines are NOT close to ‘safe and effective’ by historical standards

  • Covid vaccines are causing injury and death on an unprecedented scale
  • Left-wing censors cannot block all the data

…it is showing up in mortality rates/life insurance data; data from other countries

…it is showing up in the personal lives of millions of people around the world

Yet Biden admin presses on with moves toward vaccine passports, and continues national advertising to urge vaccination

  • No rational way to reconcile death/injury data with the continued promotion of covid vaccines

Americans increasingly distrustful of govt and medical industry

Suspicions of a dark and ugly agenda keep growing…are they unfounded?


Freedom Fighters Around the World Rising Up:  

Brazil & Iran & Europe


Legacy media will NOT cover these stories, but reality is MILLIONS of people worldwide are standing for freedom and against corruption

  • Brazilians are protesting their stolen presidential election
  • Iranians are protesting against their tyrannical, rigid theocratic regime
  • Europeans are protesting against scarce energy brought about by Climate change alarmism
  • Even Chinese are protesting draconian covid lockdowns

Watch for similar protests to erupt in Arizona if the absolute mess of a corrupted 2022 election is ‘certified’ by AZ officials

Govts defying the righteous indignation of the people is not sustainable anywhere on the globe

Global election-rigging has crossed the line of ‘too obvious’

Freedom is still the unstoppable force…just takes time to manifest itself