Why It Matters – The November 22nd Show

Why It Matters – The November 22nd Show

A Blatantly Marxist Nominee


Biden nominee for Comp. of the Currency, Saule Omarova, is an open, avowed Marxist

Moscow educated; thesis on Marxism; wants to ‘effectively end banking as we know it

Banking regulators should control the economy

A new unaccountable ‘board’ should allocate tax dollars, not elected officials

Sen. Pat Toomey:  Omarova may be the most radical leftist nominee ever appointed

Never lose sight of the entirety Biden-cabal agenda: a Marxist takedown of America

Flooding the border with millions of illegal immigrants…shipping them all over the country;  gutting the US military; destroying US energy independence; pushing spending to levels that stoke hyper-inflation; leveraging covid toward totalitarian mandates; radical nominees to key positions…none of this is a mistake or a product of incompetence…it is deliberate



Kyle Rittenhouse


  • The gap between solid, clear evidence and the leftwing media narrative was ENORMOUS

…And the leftwing narrative included flat out lies labelling KR as a ‘white supremacist’ with no ties to the Kenosha community…truth was ZERO evidence KR was racially motivated, and his dad and many other members of his extended family lived in Kenosha

  • Self-defense evidence clear from the beginning; no charges should have been brought
  • Post-acquittal comments from the left have been astoundingly ignorant…but they reflect un-thinking acceptance of media’s lying narratives

JMU posts (later retracts) video lamenting that Rittenhouse took ‘two beautiful black lives’

The two people killed by Rittenhouse were white; one was a convicted pedophile just released from a mental hospital who drove 40 miles to Kenosha to riot

ESPN commentator laments this is all because of Jacob Blake’s death (Blake is alive)

Timeless wisdom:  when the media lies, all hell breaks loose

America needs a radically reformed media, committed to honesty