Why It Matters – The November 23rd Show

Why It Matters – The November 23rd Show

Battle Over Truth


Check out “When Will America Reach Peak Insanity?” at American Thinker

Up is down, down is up; right is wrong, wrong is right; good is evil and evil is good

…this seems to be America in 2021, but it’s not America

It’s a false portrayal; Americans are not as divided as the media wants you to think

Americans are waking up—examples abound…

  • Tucker/Rittenhouse interview: KR is a 17 year old kid; he is NOT a raging ‘white supremacist’
  • Covid hysteria is fading: millions have survived it; many treatments exist; still a pandemic?
  • Racist America! – Just doesn’t ring true to the vast majority of Americans

The core battle:  An aggressive, atheistic claim that there is no such thing as truth

  • Americans have been slow to wake up to this claim
  • Americans have been slow to see the magnitude of the implications of this claim

            America was founded on ‘self-evident’ truths; Truth will prevail


Christmas Parade Killer & Justice System


  • Waukesha SUV-driver/murder is a self-professed ‘black supremacist’; has an extensive rap sheet, including running over ex-girlfriend (w/whom he has a child) in the same red SUV

Had been released on $1,000 bail just before parade

  • Compare Jan. 6 defendants…

’Shaman’ gets 41 months in prison; no prior criminal record; no record of violence of any kind; pled guilty to one count of ‘obstructing a proceeding’

100’s still in confinement with no evidence of anything other than ‘wrongful parading’

These disparate cases indicate a justice system completely perverted into the raw exercise of political power….a justice system which is fundamentally un-American and anti-American


Covid, Ivermectin & NIH Threats


  • An ACWT viewer writes to say that knowledge of ivermectin via Dr. Kory’s testimony (shown on ACWT but taken down from YouTube) SAVED HER Fiance’S LIFE
  • Kory’s Senate testimony backed by significant studies and empirical data


  • America’s NIH still refuses to acknowledge ivermectin and other efficacious covid treatments
  • Biden wants a court to re-institute mandatory vaccinations
  • Peter McCullough says vaccine-induced disease is now a leading public health threat

This NIH behavior makes no sense; does not add up to good faith

Americans are increasingly distrustful of public health ‘authorities’

They sense the agenda is about control, not about health




  • Thanksgiving is the quintessential AMERICAN holiday
  • George Washington and Rush Limbaugh understood its uniquely American heritage
  • It’s about gratitude to GOD