Why It Matters – The November 23rd Show

Why It Matters – The November 23rd Show

Election Fraud; Election Integrity


  • Election integrity is not a partisan issue; it should matter to every American

Election integrity transcends personalities named Trump and Biden

  • Those who have perpetrated systemic election fraud in 2020 are enemies of America

They are enemies of human freedom

  • The evidence of election fraud in the Presidential election of 2020 is overwhelming

There is not just overwhelming proof that it can be done

There is overwhelming proof that it was in fact* done

Massive thanks to Russ Ramsland and  ASOG  for service to America


Election Fraud; Election Integrity #2


  • There is also proof of election fraud to anyone with common sense…to anyone with the honesty and decency and courage of the child who said ‘the emperor has no clothes
    • No R incumbent member of the House of Reps lost; House R’s gained +13 seats
    • The 27 so-called ‘toss up’/too close to call House races…all went “R”
    • 18 of 19 ‘bellwether counties voted for Trump by an average of +12%
    • Election Day/Election Night fraud machinations were obvious to anyone with a conscience:
      • Trump headed for clear electoral victory; leading in 5 key states
      • All five stopped vote-counting at about the same time –

               unprecedented and unnatural

  • All resumed vote-counting, with intervening, magical delivery of mail in ballots
  • Mail in ballots included massive batches, most or all for Biden –

               unprecedented and unnatural

                              …and just enough to overcome Trump’s lead – unnatural


Election Fraud &  Election Integrity #3


And rememberJoe Biden wasn’t popular in Dem primaries until Sanders was engineered out

  1. Harris dropped out of Dem primary before any votes; could not poll above 3% among DEMS!

Joe Biden barely campaigned; never could draw even 100 people; Trump drew hundreds of                          thousands if not millions

Yet America’s ‘secure’ election system reports a result that by number of votes received,

Joe Biden is the most popular Presidential candidate in American history

                              The Biden/Harris ticket is the most popular in American history


               This is absolute, outrageous nonsense; it is a LIE, a FRAUD

          The ‘common sense’ case is by itself proof of a stolen election

               And millions upon millions of Americans—including honest Dems—KNOW IT


Election Fraud & Election Integrity #4


CONCLUSION….election integrity is a transcendent issue of national survival

America must get it right

  • The proof of election fraud in 2020 is overwhelming as a matter of common sense and as a

matter of forensic evidence already assembled without benefit of search warrants and depositions

  • To allow a stolen election result of this magnitude to stand…to allow the perpetrators to get

away with it…

               Very likely will mark the end of America as a Constitutional Republic, and

               THAT can bring on unimaginable darkness, evil and violence to America and the world


Election Fraud & Election Integrity #5



  • Besides President Trump and Cong. Louis Gohmert, few elected R’s are standing up/speaking out
  • No elected D’s even acknowledge a problem
  • AG Barr and DOJ AND the FBI have gone missing. No apparent investigation ongoing.
  • SCOTUS under CJ Roberts seems to cave to MSM/media mob

If all are, in the words of the Declaration of Independence, “….deaf to the voice of justice…” the people need to rise up in protest and demand honest elections.

SO:  Peacefully Protest for Fair elections. Find out where at JerichoMarch.ORG

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