Why It Matters – The November 25th Show

Why It Matters – The November 25th Show

Black Vote Moving to Trump

This is even bigger for the future of America than is being reported

It’s not just about Trump personally; it’s about awakening to policies that work…

…and decades of policies that don’t work

Ø Blexit is real and substantive; it is not a ‘cult’ campaign

Ø Jobs DO matter; they are therapeutic across a range of social ills

Ø Everyone CAN participate in the American Dream; just need freedom and a govt willing to get out of the way

Ø Govt dependence is not healthy for anyone

There are no genuine or lasting leftist constituencies; awareness of the universal power of liberty builds a solid majority


Navy Sec. Fired – Chain of Command Matters

        Reasonable people, including veterans, can disagree on what constitutes the right military ‘justice’ applied to  the particulars of Gallagher’s case

        President Trump, too, has a reasonable view of the situation

        But ultimately personalities don’t matter in the military chain of command…

            …there is only one Commander-in-Chief, and his decision is final

(Obama exercised C-in-C authority widely culling the warrior class of leaders)

        Subordinate officers follow orders and implement higher up decisions; their option for strident disagreement with the C-in-C is resignation

Justice for Gallagher may be debatable; Spencer deserved to be fired


IG Horowitz’ Reports

Leaks re IG Horowitz’ upcoming FISA-abuses report are happening every day

            (disgusting, by itself)

Leaks are going off in several directions; hard to know what’s real; but real substance seems possible

Ø Criminal referral of Clinesmith is not a minor matter

Ø Issued report on HUMINT abuses/non-validation is significant

Ø Apparent blind handling of Steele and sub-sources by FBI shows an agenda-driven effort, not a truth-driven investigation

Still hopeful IG Horowitz will not deliver a whitewash or hand-slap

Stay tuned


DEMs Seeking Impeachment Exit Strategy

Even in a wobbly GOP Senate, the process changes, materially

Ø             Schiff is a material witness, who will be questioned

Ø             Whistleblower(s) will be identified and questioned

Ø             Hunter Biden can be required to testify (or take the 5th?)

Dem House reps getting cold feet

Nunes suing MSM for false stories—not biased opinions; FALSE STORIES

The reality remains: 

Ø President Trump was and is RIGHT to demand Ukrainian investigation because evidence of that corruption is overwhelming…this is NOT the fabrication of campaign dirt ala HRC/Russia Hoax

Ø Biden doesn’t get a pass by running for President in 2020


Bloomberg Enters the Race


A nanny-state, patronizing liberal who condescends to the ‘ignorant masses’

Apologizes for the one anti-crime initiative (‘stop-and-frisk’) that made NYC safer

Not radical enough for the leftist base

Likely to fall flat, just like billionaire Tom Steyer

Ø Trump-haters have never grasped how Trump connects with the American people

Ø Maybe they’ll learn from how Bloomberg won’t connect, no matter how much he $pends