Why It Matters – The November 27th Show

Why It Matters – The November 27th Show

Thanksgiving in George Washington’s Words


Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation – issued 230 years ago – deserves to be read

…by every living American, every year

Washington on his knees in prayer at Valley Forge deserves to be viewed

…by every living American, every year

Washington’s greatness of character corresponded with his humility and reverence for “Almighty God”

American history is rich with goodness and greatness when rightly understood

it needs to be rightly taught again


Pilgrims School #AOC


        William Bradford tried ‘free stuff’ collectivism, “communal ownership” at Plymouth Colony in 1621 & 1622. Starvation and resentment followed.

        In 1623, Bradford abandoned collectivism, and instituted private property & personal responsibility. Prosperity and abundance (and food!) followed.

        AOC is ignorant (at best) of the realities of collectivism. There IS a right idea of “public good,” that includes taxation to fund the military, border security, and infrastructure, BUT AOC & other socialists blur that w/ demands for forced collectivist funding of individual responsibilities like college education, housing, healthcare, employment.


We must relearn the reality that collectivism fails

America has “been there, done that” in 1621.


American Unity Around What?


‘Unity’, like ‘tolerance’, is not necessarily virtuous.

Ø Depends on what we are being asked to unify around

Ø Depends on what we are asked to be tolerant of

Ø Stressing “unity” as a goal, standing alone, is often a manipulative tactic to hide the policies the candidate or official is pushing. Unity around what?

Ø America’s founding ideas of individual rights & liberty, rule of law, freedom of speech & religion,  & free markets are ideas of America we must unify around


America’s founding ideas are right ideas

Americans who know this must re-teach these ideas


Giving Thanks for America


“The Thanksgiving holiday is a spiritual anchor of America…powerful evidence of the inarguable link between the place of God in America and American exceptionalism.”


“….the founding of this nation is not an historical accident, nor the clever work of a random collection of political wise men who happened to live in a certain place in the 18th century.  It is, as George Washington put it, evidence of ‘the hand of the divine Providence’ in the unfolding of time.”


                                                            From “Brushfires of Freedom –

                                                            A Collection of Pro-American Essays”

                                                            Available for sale at americacanwetalk.org