Why It Matters – The November 28th Show

Why It Matters – The November 28th Show

WHY the RNC is Broke


RNC entering 2024 election season with funding at an 8 year low

  • Patriots…‘little people’ in the eyes of the ruling class…have walked away from RNC

RNC remains stuck and out of touch—

  • A wealthy club, not an organized channel for giving voice to American patriots
  • Refuses to acknowledge that 2020 election was stolen; J6 was a ‘fedsurrection’; and

treatment of J6 prisoners is an egregious abomination of the American rule of law

  • Refuses to acknowledge that its base has decided: Trump is the man for the times…maybe just as much as George Washington was the man for his times
  • Refuses to (or can’t?) see the dismantling of the Deep State is the issue of 2024

…and Trump is the only presidential means to that end

  • Will not denounce political witch hunt indictments of Trump or support Trump legal defense

RNC may stay broke unless/until radical reshaping, reorganizing, re-energizing

That’s why I’m running for RNC Committeewoman for Texas!


Biden’s Gaslighting Turkey Lies


Biden commented that Thanksgiving prices were the ‘4th lowest in history’

Americans MUST recognize:  this Biden statement is—

oDemonstrably false

oMaterially false

oIntentionally false

  • This statement is not political spin; it is deliberate deceit…gaslighting…and it serves an agenda

Bidenomics is purposefully destroying the American middle class; its climate change-driven agenda is to force Americans to submit to a future of less…of everything

So….along the way, the Biden cabal will lie to everyday people about what is really happening in the economy

Americans are smarter than the Biden cabal believes them to be

An honest 2024 election will sweep the Biden cabal out of power


Ongoing Covid Tyranny & Dr. Naomi Wolf


NY Governor Hochul has legal authority to remove New Yorkers from homes and put them in camps…if they do not obey govt healthcare mandates

  • NY state rep’s efforts to strike down law/Hochul’s authority denied by NY court for lack of standing

—i.e., no right to sue unless/until harmed by the law

  • New Yorkers ought to leave New York in droves….this law represents pure anti-American tyranny

Dr. Naomi Wolf continues her mission to expose covid-related harms and fraud

  • Wolf’s study of Pfizer data shows Pfizer awareness of vaccine dangers prior to public release
  • Wolf now drawing attention to Dr. Michael Nehls’ book suggesting spike proteins of covid virus and covid vaccines appear to indicate a purposeful effort to control the human brain

turning men and women into more controllable, quasi-’zombies’?

Keep an eye on the work of Dr. Wolf and Steve Kirsch—both former Dem libs

who are onto Big Pharma/Big Govt/Big Healthcare fraud/deceit

re all things covid…they are not going away