Why It Matters – The November 28th Show

Why It Matters – The November 28th Show

Maricopa to Certify?


Board of AZ’s largest county has descended to unspeakable arrogance, abject dishonesty

  • No idea how many Arizonans disenfranchised by voting machines on 11/8 Election Day
  • No acknowledgement of screaming conflict of interest in having Katie Hobbs in charge of her own election ‘integrity’
  • No possible honest path to certifying the results of Nov. 8 election…and the people KNOW it

…but Board of Supervisors will do it anyway

Cochise County AZ will NOT certify for at least a week, until more questions answered…

AZ as a whole can’t be certified until all counties have certified…so outcome still in doubt

Corrupt mega-counties in critical states…engineered by Soros…is a massive problem for USA

“World is watching”…”America is watching” =>True

The American people are being pushed to the breaking point

in the forced surrender of their right to self-government


Brazilian Communist Models Election Fraud Solutions


Avowed communist on Brazilian Supreme Court outlines his remedy for election fraud claims

  • Declare all complaints to be in bad faith
  • Fine the party that complains (Bolsonaro’s)
  • Freeze their assets

Ordinary people around the world are waking up to the reality of rigged elections

  • The magnitude of fraud has been too obvious, too brazen
  • Ruling class responses—like the Brazilian communist—ugly and defiant of the people
    • Supposed election ‘winner’ in Brazil openly allied with CCP/Xi Jinping

Ruling class seems confident they can outlast/outmaneuver the ‘ignorant masses’

But the masses are NOT ignorant; they have truth on their side

…and they are growing restless and angry at revolutionary levels

Tumultuous times ahead, around the world


Protests over Covid Tyranny – In CHINA!


Notoriously compliant Chinese people have had enough of draconian lockdowns

  • 44 people died in high-rise fire left unattended b/c of covid lockdown
  • Protests springing up all over the country; barriers and blockades being overrun

CCP habitually resorts to force to put down protests

But how much force is enough for a nationwide protest? 

Is modification/moderation of lockdown policy possible?

Test of Xi Jinping’s ‘ruler for life’ authority


America Becoming China?


Fauci’s last WH appearance included

  • Warnings of more lockdowns
  • Urged the taking of more boosters

Inquiry of Trudeau in Canada shows Biden/Buttigieg urging shutdown of truckers’ convoys

Biden admin joining G-20 push for vaccination passports

Biden admin continues to push vaccination despite enormous evidence of injuries/death

  • Int’l doctors/Dr. Peter McCullough now pointing to vaccine links to onset of blindness

Covid lockdowns have been the most far-reaching, global assault on freedom in modern history

People around the world are waking up… censorship has not been successful

WHO/CDC/FDA/Big Pharma have lost any pretense to moral authority

Tumultuous times ahead before any trust can be restored