Why It Matters – The November 29th Show

Why It Matters – The November 29th Show

Arizona Election Update:

Cochise Won’t Certify, Mohave Does Under Threat


Arizona remains ground zero for exposing and honestly dealing with obvious election fraud

  • Maricopa County Board of Supervisors defied the people and the evidence and went forward with certification of obviously flawed results
    • Read Emerald Robinson’s Substack: “Is the Federal Government Rigging Maricopa County?
  • Cochise County voted against certification; Mohave voted for ‘under duress’ of legal threat
  • Kari Lake is promising major litigation, refusal to quit

Truth cannot  be defied and denied forever

…and the truth is that the AZ election was rigged and stolen, and everyone knows it

Tune in to ACWT Thursday for live interview with AZ GOP Chair Dr. Kelli Ward!


Defense of Marriage Act Debate TODAY


Gaslighting continues…

  • Every left-sponsored bill is deceptively named…doing the opposite of what name implies
  • “Defense of Marriage Act” is really “Defense of Gay/Non-traditional Marriage Act”***

***UPDATE:  turns out to be named the “Respect for Marriage Act”–but the same gaslighting principle applies:  it’s really the “Respect for all but Traditional Marriage Act”

SCOTUS has already legalized same-sex marriage in the USA…so why is this bill needed?

It is NOT needed, but is the push from what Bill Maher called the “Gay Mafia” to drive a terminal stake into biblical teaching about marriage and homosexuality

  • Christian churches will be forced to embrace LGBTQ agenda or face legal liability for adhering to biblical teaching

Legislation is likely to pass; RINOs in Senate believe their incumbency is more secure if they ignore freedom of religion in favor of appeasing the left…but that never works in practice


WHY Joe Sixpack Should care about the Great Reset


Pre-America…there was essentially no such thing as a ‘middle class’

  • Lords and serfs, rich and poor, rulers and masses

America’s founding leveled the playing field of human history

  • Eliminated hierarchies and classes in favor of honoring the individual
  • All have inalienable God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Gave birth to the idea of ‘upward mobility’; rise based on effort and merit; no limitsèa middle class

Great Reset”—

  • Abandons the dignity and potential of the individual
  • Denies God…and denies any such thing as a ‘child of God’…and instead:
  • “Too many useless people”; “Humans are hackable machines”; “You will own nothing and be happy”

This is why so many see this era as a time of spiritual war:

Who decides man’s identity, health and potential?