Why It Matters – The November 29th Show

Why It Matters – The November 29th Show

America:  Not Lost…Yet


  • Andrea Widburg at AT notes the deterioration in an SF neighborhood during one lifetime
    • From childhood place of safety to walk downtown; to current weekend night gatherings to spin wheelies in the main intersection
    • Not wistful about ‘good ole days’; this is a soulless decline of civilization, purpose, aspiration
  • Captures a realization happening all over America: lawlessness benefits no one; there is no ‘progress’ that is possible where there is no civility, no law and order
  • Many believe the Republic is already lost; some say America is already over the cliff and reaching for anything to grab onto…

            But America’s founding ideas…her biblical grounding…these are never lost

               But they clearly need to be relearned and re-valued and restored


Cruise through the News


  • Contrasting views of Thanksgiving

Left – Railing on Americans as living on ‘stolen land’; give back to Native Americans; eventually ban Thanksgiving altogether…because it is about the place of God in America

Right – Time for humility, gratitude, recognition of ‘blessings’…honoring the central role of faith in the American heritage

  • New ‘Unity’ project to ban mandate of vaccines for children

Why shouldn’t this be a unifying, non-partisan cause?  There is NO medical science-based reason

for vaccinating children for covid, but there is abundant evidence of actual danger and health risk

  • Waukesha criminal is a ‘car’

WaPo and CNN beclown themselves with Waukesha coverage as if the car was the criminal

  • Biden and Iran

Biden vows to press on w/nuke negotiations while Iranian military commits to ‘annihilation of Israel and to ‘destroy Zionism in the world’…naivete and delusion are dangerous