Why It Matters – The November 2nd Show

Why It Matters – The November 2nd Show

McAuliffe’s CRT Lie


  • VA DEM Governor candidate Terry McAuliffe is also a former sitting governor of VA

During his tenure as Governor, CRT was openly taught in VA schools

  • CRT/parental backlash in 2021 has made CRT a political liability for McAuliffe
  • McAuliffe’s solution in 2021: Openly state that CRT is not taught in VA schools

An out and out, demonstrable, ‘fact-checkable’  LIE…based on his own actions as Governor

Political calculation trusting in the ignorance of the people:  the lie will escape notice

All politicians lie’ is mostly true…but a culture accepting of flagrant dishonesty will become lawless and unjust…Example:  American Airlines says recent cancelled flights were due to weather in Dallas…Dallas weather was mild, and AA’s own employees know the cancellations were due to staffing shortages in response to vaccine mandates…

If society says honesty is secondary

when is it ever of primary importance again?  Who decides?


LIFE at the Supreme Court


Texas ‘heartbeat’ abortion law put on accelerated track for SCOTUS review – on the

question of whether it CAN be challenged by DOJ or any private party



  • No SCOTUS decision is irreversible; segregation was once the SCOTUS-approved ‘law of the land’
  • Abortion based on trimesters of pregnancy – Roe v. Wade – had absolutely ZERO basis in

the Constitution; entirely a fiction created by SCOTUS to engineer a policy result

  • America’s constitutional Republic assigns contentious public policy decisions to the 50 states as ‘laboratories of democracy’, to sort out for the people of each state—through their elected representatives—what the state’s policy should be
  • Abortion will be forever controversial, but SCOTUS does great damage to America when five+ people in robes make national public policy instead of allowing elected reps of each of 50 states to act on a deliberative basis to make policy that is right for their state