Why It Matters – The November 2nd Show

Why It Matters – The November 2nd Show

Twitter & WHY America’s Leftists Suppress Speech


  • Elon Musk’s guiding philosophy is hard to discern…

…but his belief in freedom of speech and stance to un-censor Twitter is all to the good

  • Immediate and substantial post-Musk growth in Twitter followers among conservative leaders (e.g., MTG, Donald Trump, Jr.) vividly illustrates the extent of pre-Musk censorship
  • Post-Musk disclosure of DHS ‘portal’ connection with social media (which began with Obama) has grown as tool to control what the American people can be allowed to know

If Musk can truly dismantle this portal and discredit the thinking that started it…watch out!

Extent of leftist/Deep State manipulation and suppression of the American people is enormous far beyond most Americans’ comprehension just a few years ago

American re-awakening may be more powerful and long-lasting than anyone now predicts