Why It Matters – The November 2nd Show

Why It Matters – The November 2nd Show

Election 2020:  Facts and Fiction


  • 94M votes already cast…already at two-thirds of nationwide 2016 turnout

Texas ‘early vote’ in 2020 already exceeds entirety of 2016 vote

  • Super-high turnout logically favors the candidate with higher enthusiasm among supporters…

…and that is unquestionably Donald Trump, and by an enormous margin

            Caveat:  But is early voting where tabulating software fraud is in place?

  • Trump and Biden are not remotely comparable in energy or excitement

Trump holds 14 rallies in final three days…every one of them filled with thousands…

Biden makes a few public appearances, never large crowds, constant gaffes

Dems selling a story that 2020 is a referendum on Trump, and haters dominate US electorate

A free, fair and honest election will be a Trump landslide


What Would Kamala Do?


  • No one thinks Biden would last a full term; many think not even a year; some believe he couldn’t make it through inauguration if he won…so who is Kamala Harris?
  • Cackling on 60 Minutes ≠ answers to questions about hard leftist positions she has publicly taken
  • A recent Harris speech extols the goal of socialism: “we all end up in the same place
  • Harris supports reparations for black Americans…”PTSD” from slavery >150 years ago

REALITY:  Harris is a Marxist; she was picked by the radical left for that reason

A Harris Presidency would be a mortal threat to American freedom


Trump v. Biden – Healthcare and Covid Plans



  • Trump has an extensive plan; it is just not a plan that involves government takeover of everything

Telemedicine advances in support of covid and other treatments

Greater access to direct primary care; health savings accounts

Customized healthcare insurance:  not one size fits all

Personal and portable insurance


  • Biden cannot ‘end the virus’, and nothing he has proposed is different than what Trump has done
  • Europe is showing that lockdowns and masks don’t work, and do more harm than good
  • Trump is right to be optimistic about turning the corner, leveraging therapies,

and protecting the vulnerable


Women and Trump Vote


BLEXIT and #Walkaway have opened the way to break from false promises and politicians

Women need to be next to leave the left in droves

Leftism plays on emotions…treating women as fragile and lightweight and easily pushed around

COVID is scary and it’s all Trump’s fault!  So vote for Biden

Trump does mean tweets and that’s not presidential!  So vote for Biden


  • Covid is not as scary as the MSM claims (CDC data shows 99+% recovery rates); covid was nobody’s fault (besides China); and neither Joe Biden nor anyone else can ‘end a virus’
  • The big picture of Trump’s policy achievements for the good of the entire nation is enormously positive…tweets are simply inconsequential

         American women must resist being played by the left…and understand the stakes

                                    Toughen up, and vote to save America—Vote Trump