Why It Matters – The November 30th Show

Why It Matters – The November 30th Show

Balenciaga: Perversion so Normalized They Couldn’t See It


High-end fashion magazine Balenciaga went all-in with glorification of sexualizing children

  • Repulsive photos of children throughout recent issue of the magazine
  • No chance whatsoever that magazine editors were clueless…they know their customer base
  • Public uproar forced ‘apology’ from editors

…but not b/c this is morally wrong and indefensible but b/c it bothered so many people

Exposure of this perversion may be cathartic

  • Ordinary, decent people around the world KNOW the sexualization of children is depraved
  • But elites view it as a marker of being truly elite

Disconnect between the people and the elites has never been wider or deeper

There is no path to normalizing this perversion; nothing good can come from normalization

Society must pull back from this moral precipice


Presidential GOP contenders


Trump and DeSantis are center stage

Haley, Noem, Pence, Pompeo, Scott all testing support for ‘new’ leadership

(or auditioning for VP or Cabinet slot)

  • Running to be the best-alternative-to-Trump misses the pulse of the American people
  • Saving America against the all-out leftist/Marxist takedown is not possible by a ‘moderate’
  • Americans are looking for a clear-eyed fighter for America as founded
  • Trump isn’t perfect, but he has a track record as a real fighter, unbeholden to the Uniparty

Only DeSantis has traction at this stage…the others are going to have to be bold to be noticed

And their boldness must be about fighting Marxists, not Trump

Do any of them have what it takes?


GOP to Investigate Biden Accomplices


42 Biden officials have been notified of House investigations/hearings

  • MAGA movement wants accountability, not photo-ops and strongly worded letters
  • MAGA wants J6 Committee expanded
    • Investigate Pelosi’s refusal of troops
    • Release 14K hours of video
    • Get answers on FBI involvement

Slim GOP House majority will test GOP leadership resolve

  • McCarthy hasn’t been elected Speaker yet…
    • Will he have to get tougher to get Freedom Caucus support?
    • Or will he go softer to peel off enough DEM votes to win

Stolen elections may mask the mood of the American people

Ruling class tip-toeing in response to Marxist destruction of USA

…will not satisfy an awakened America