Why It Matters – The November 30th Show

Why It Matters – The November 30th Show

Salvation Army Goes Woke


Another example of agenda-driven, poisonous fruit of CRT, 1619 Project and BLM—

  • Official messaging from SA scolding white Christians & demanding apologies for racism…

Fundamentally untrue and unjustified scolding

Deeply offended the SA base of Christian donors of money and goods

  • A tentative, hedged ‘walk back’ followed, but enormous damage has been done to the Salvation Army brand…

’everything woke goes to s***’

Amazingly tone-deaf move by leaders of the Salvation Army at Christmas time!

The price of believing left-wing narratives instead of broader American history

abandoning critical thinking

And lacking moral clarity and courage


Civics, Juries and Justice


  • Americans’ distrust of the justice system may be at an all-time high

Politicized law enforcement is obvious all over the country

Antifa/BLM rioters are mostly free; January 6 ‘trespassers’ in solitary confinement

Parents complaining to school boards are ‘domestic terrorists’ w/ DOJ watching them

Every federal court ruling is scrutinized FIRST for who appointed the judge

  • American ‘failures of civics’ abound

ASU students petition to expel Rittenhouse despite jury acquittal, and the facts of the case

  • Yet juries, the people, continue to try to do the right thing…listen to actual testimony, examine actual evidence (rather than narratives) and reach the right verdict.

Based on publicly known information, Rittenhouse jury made the right decision, and so did

the Arbery jury

Americans are a good and noble people; they are being failed by an elitist out-of-touch

ruling class that does not live by same values and norms of Main Street Americans