Why It Matters – The November 3rd Show

Why It Matters – The November 3rd Show

Virginia & Long March Back to America


  • Youngkin victory is a huge rebuke of radical leftism/Biden cabal

Making parents into domestic terrorists turned ALL parents against McAuliffe.

  Americans DO NOT WANT the Leftist agenda once they see what it is

  • Youngkin victory does NOT vitiate concerns over past or future election fraud; A steal appeared to be in the works in Virginia, but the anti-leftist turnout in VA was simply too strong to overcome.
  • The Anti-American Left’s ‘long march’ through American institutions occurred over decades. It will not be reversed overnight, and the battleground is everywhere.

Election integrity laws needed. Public schools & colleges must drop anti-American teaching. Corporate America needs to stick to business. Free speech must be restored & cancel culture cancelled.  Border & the idea of citizenship must be restored. Marxism must be removed from the  military. Government at every level needs to be reined in. FBI/DOJ must be cleaned out. SWAMP must be drained.

Virginia victory is of MAJOR importance But it’s just one battle in the fight to restore America

ALL hands on deck needed to save America