Why It Matters – The November 3rd Show

Why It Matters – The November 3rd Show

Resist the Resistance


The proof is out there now @ exposesunrise.com/

  • Federal employees (Deep State?) participating in plans to disrupt DC and WH if Biden loses
  • Small number of loud & violent Progressives threatening ‘bloodbath’ if Biden loses
  • Left plan to ‘revolt’ if Trump wins

All threats of post-election violence are coming from one side:  The Left/Democrats

Exposed plans for election fraud/cheating are coming from one side:  The Left/Democrats

Democrat Leaders cannot escape responsibility because they NEVER denounce this.

Americans have awakened to 2020 reality:  The Left/Democrats have left the American playing field

They are profoundly anti-American; their objective is to destroy constitutional America

The 2020 awakening can serve America well if patriots stay firm and engaged

        NO to riots; NO to lying, cheating, stealing; NO to the left/Democrats


What “Fight for America” Means


No Matter the outcome of any election… Fighting for America means striving to preserve

  1. Individual freedom and responsibility under God, the constitution, the rule of law.

OPPOSING state-controlled society, or top-down elitist ruling class

  1. The rights of “We the people” recognized & protected as FOREVER unalienable

These two concepts are—

  • Unique to America’s founding and unique in human history
  • Forever opposed by leftists & atheists who perpetually seek control over others
  • In need of wider understanding!!

The ‘Fight for America’ will never be permanently won

                  The ‘Fight for America’ is really the fight for humanity’s freedom

         Every American generation must learn the stakes, and take their stand