Why It Matters – The November 4th Show

Why It Matters – The November 4th Show

Election 2020: What Did & Didn’t Happen


Biden up by double digits everywheredid not happen

Texas going bluedid not happen

Dems will take control of US Senatedid not happen (and neither will court-packing)

  • All networks including Fox, manipulated Election Day “calls” to favor Biden and hurt Trump

To set the stage for delayed, made up vote-counting

  • Actions of Dem-controlled PA, MI and WI to suddenly stop counting votes as Trump was clearly headed to victory were and are transparently corrupt

Here is what else DID NOT HAPPEN:  Americans did NOT turn out in droves to vote for a senile 77 year old man who barely campaigned; never drew a crowd of even 100 people; endorsed socialism, higher taxes & banning fossil fuels; manifestly sold out his country for personal enrichment, and sold out his country to its most dangerous enemy—Communist China…

                        This election is a coup in progress; Americans MUST stop it


Updates from Various States


Arizona:  Within the last 2 hours, there were still 500,000 ballots to count, trending 3 to 1 for Trump—more than enough for Trump to win AZ

Pennsylvania:  Un-postmarked mail-in ballots with signatures that don’t match the voter counted without poll watchers, will be counted. What could go wrong?